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Coin Jewelry – Is Destroying Coins Ethical

Why destroy a perfectly good coin?

It is inevitable that someone will bring up the topic. No matter what I say someone will disagree with the art of coin jewelry. Some will even argue that it is illegal, we will get into that as well. But first off let me say this. I understand how the purists feel, and I do understand how some may feel it is illegal. For what it is worth, I’ll go ahead and state my opinions, and the facts.

Why make coin Jewelry?

So just how do I justify making rings out of perfectly good coins?  First the facts. It is not illegal. Second, Those coins do belong to me, and I have a right to do with them as I wish. Third, It is a fun and rewarding way to earn extra income.  I have always liked coins. As a kid, I spent countless hours searching through stacks of pennies trying to collect wheats and indian heads.  Every time I went to the store I would search through my coins, hoping I would find good ones to add to the collection. I never even thought of turning them into a ring. I would also never use key dates or highly graded coins for making coin jewelry.  Those coins belong in collections and should not be destroyed.

What kind of coins do I use?

The coins I use for coin jewelry are mostly circulated coins as well as non currency silver coins. The better the detail, the better the finished results. These coins are not the kind that are sought out by collectors.  It is true it is hard to find silver coins in pocket change. That does not make them collectable though. It is simply because people understand the value of silver. When was the last time you received a silver coin as change?

It’s just business

Business is business. Dealers and sellers want to make as much money as they can from each coin they sell.

That is where I come in. I take an ordinary coin and turn it into an piece of historic art that can be worn daily. Coin rings and other coin jewelry in fact increase the value of these ordinary coins.

Coin jewelry is unique. And coin jewelry appeal to every age group and gender. Wear a piece of history! Order your ring from Artisan Mint Works today!


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