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Coin Jewelry History

The different types of coin jewelry

Coin jewelry can be divided into two major categories: whole coins and cut coins. This article will attempt to explain the origin and details of both.

Coin jewelry history

Coin jewelry has more than likely been around since the origin of the very first coin. Egyptian soldiers would decorate themselves with medals that were similar to the coins of their day. Travelers would save the coins of places they have visited as souvenirs to take back home. Usually these coins would later be used as coin pendants and coin rings. The other type of coin jewelry is commonly referred to as cut coins. Coin cutting was probably first seen in the 1600’s.

Coin cutting

Coin cutting has become a serious form of art and craftsmanship. When cutting coins, artisans start with a whole coin and then hand cut different designs out of the coin. A very fine tooth jeweler’s saw is used for this. The coins can also be gold or silver plated to add more beauty. These can now be used as charms, pendants, earrings, money clips or rings.

Popularity of coin jewelry

Whether it is whole coins or cut coins, coin jewelry is not just a fad. Many people from all walks of life enjoy this beautiful jewelry.  Coins can be turned into a butterfly, hearts, flowers, the moon and sun, and can all worn as pendants or earrings. They can be used to show their national pride. Coin jewelry can also show particular interests or hobbies. Such as animals, sports, religion, anything you can think of.

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