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Silver American Eagle Wedding Bands

Artisan Mint Works is proud to offer premium .999 Silver American Eagle Wedding Bands!

Getting married this year? How about a custom made Wedding Band? My .999 Silver American Eagle Wedding Bands will have the year shown on the outside of the band to proudly announce the year of matrimony. Made out of nearly one ounce of pure silver, I give great care and attention to all detail in every ring made. Due to these being custom made wedding bands please plan ahead and allow two to three weeks for full processing and production. However usually will only take one to two weeks.


What do you need to know about .999 Pure Silver jewelry?

.999 Silver jewelry is more durable than 24K and 22K Gold, however not as durable as 18K Gold and below. With care the details on the silver wedding band should last for many years to come. However it is strongly recommended to remove your ring during activities involving heavy use of your hands that could scratch the ring.  .999 silver jewelry is an investment and will tend to appreciate over time. Pure silver will increase in value. Your purchase today may even double in value within a few years. Most jewelry today cannot be sold back at its original cost, because it is not pure silver. A .999 Pure Silver Wedding Band is in fact Investment-grade jewelry, at a reasonable markup! Handcrafted from a one ounce .999 pure Silver American Eagle coin. Click the image below to be taken directly to the ordering page.


Silver American Eagle
Silver American Eagle


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