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The Bentwood Technique – Bentwood Rings

The Bentwood Technique

Bentwood is wood that has been cut along the grain and steamed until pliable, then wrapped around a form to take shape . Everyone is more familiar with bentwood than they may think. Wooden canoes, rocking chairs, and other types of furniture employ bending wood to make the finished product. Bentwood is a well established method in woodworking. Creating rings with the bentwood technique makes a durable and long-lasting ring.

Every Bentwood Ring is expertly handcrafted to your exact size when you order.

So what is the difference between Bentwood and a solid wood ring?

In a solid wooden ring there are two areas where the end-grain grain is exposed. This makes the ring more vulnerable to breaking when put under pressure or when water enters the wood and causes it to expand. However the Natural Solid Wood Rings from Artisan Mint Works are made to correct that. I use metal inserts and professional grade jewelry sealant on all solid wood rings.

In a bentwood ring, the grain only runs in one direction, in several layers, creating an incredible durable ring with no weak spots.

To bend wood, thin strips of wood need to be steamed, then wrapped around a form and clamped to hold their shape. After the wood has dried into shape, a special glue is used to glue each overlapping layer. I like to use about 5 to 7 layers to create each bentwood style ring.

With the grain running in only one direction, the multiple layers of wood, and the strong adhesive all working together, this creates one of the toughest wooden rings possible.

After ring has been created, I carefully sand the wood to a polished state, and smooth the edges to a soft curve and add a sealant to protect the ring.


Bentwood Ring - Birch
Bentwood Ring – Birch
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Solid Wood Wedding Rings With Ring Boxes

I am now making solid wood wedding rings complete with handcrafted oil rubbed boxes. These ring boxes are made from one piece of Oak and treated with special oils to preserve and protect. They will feature swivel open lids to secure the wood wedding ring inside.


The ring itself will be made from various woods and materials and will be shown in the individual listings. They are treated with a special blend of wood oils and poly to add strength and waterproof. They are then sealed to fully protect. They will also feature steel or silver inserts to add even more strength, durability, and comfortable wear.


For more info or ordering please click on the image below to be taken directly to wood ring category page!


Solid Oak Ring
Solid Oak Ring