Copper Wedding Band – Stainless Steel Lined


Stainless Steel Lined Copper Wedding Band

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Completely handcrafted copper wedding band. Stainless steel liner to prevent skin contact and green fingers. Each ring is hand sanded and polished to a high luster. The outer copper on the ring is left raw.

Please note that copper does tarnish, but if you simply wash the ring when you wash your hands, you can keep it looking great. Some people like the tarnishing as it will give it a  more unique look. If you desire you can prevent the tarnishing with a regular coat of wax or a clear lacquer finish. The steel liner will protect your finger from any staining.

I can make these from a size 5 up to a size 12.
It is very important to make sure you are sized accurately. These rings can not be resized.

Be bold and and unique with a copper wedding band. With the steel liner you can enjoy the beauty of copper without the stained fingers.

The beautiful warm copper layer on the outside and the cool steel inside make the mixed metal style.

100% handmade from recycled materials. Please allow small deviations from the picture.
These copper rings are not sealed and will develop a unique patina or can be polished to retain the high luster.


Artisan Mint Works

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